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Race Master 3D: How to Master the Track and Avoid the Obstacles

Yes, Race Master 3D is a free game. You can participate in as many races as you want without paying for additional content. However, you'll have to watch some videos if you want to unlock special vehicles, for example.

What makes this game interesting is that many of the tracks currently feature 14 neon designs that give levels a pleasantly psychedelic feel. In terms of acquiring cars, the game currently has seven different race cars you can unlock and around 15 paint jobs, aside from various glow lights and wheel designs that you can use to pimp your ride.

race master 3d gameplay

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Speaking of gameplay, the mechanics of Race Master 3D are quite simple: You hold the screen to make your car move and maneuver it throughout tracks featuring various obstacles. Unlike perhaps some other racing games, Race Master 3D plays in portrait mode, and you can control your car with either two fingers or just one.

After trying out all three vehicles (there are many more to unlock, of course), we found no conclusive difference between them in terms of handling, top speed, and acceleration. Given that each vehicle can be expensive to upgrade, we suggest holding it off if your goal is to simply win races and progress through levels.

Yes, aside from giant windmills, flaming barrels, and glowing pink wrecking balls, the environment itself will try to kill you as you race. You typically encounter these murderous elements during boss fights. Some examples are planes flying above the track and machine-gunning the road, alien spacecraft trying to obliterate you with deadly beams, and, as seen in the image above, a train trying to shoot you from the roadside.

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Activating this item will give your car a five-second boost, allowing you to accelerate further even after your vehicle achieves its top speed. This can sound like a short-lived advantage, but knowing how and when to use the NOZ can maximize its winning potential and even turn the tide of a seemingly unfavorable race.

Time to test your racing skills in this epic online game. Build your car and customize the look, then enter each of the races as you attempt to be the first place driver in each location. Collect coins, upgrade your vehicle and keep racing until you are the number one driver in the world.

The game has 33 exciting levels with unique obstacle courses and bosses. Race Master 3D gameplay is all about dodging obstacles. As with all hyper-casual games, the main monetization tool is advertising.

BlueStacks lets you master Race Master 3D - Car Racing with useful features like the Repeated Tap. Now you do not have to press the same key repeatedly to initiate an action. Just assign it to one key and you are good to go.

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Race Master 3D is a free racing game for mobile developed by SayGames Ltd. This car racer boasts competitive high-speed races on various courses. To provide more challenge, the tracks feature various obstacles and traps that players need to avoid as they try to overtake enemies and become first place.


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